Martin Bester finds this proposal cruel and 'circusy'

Martin Bester finds this proposal cruel and 'circusy'

What are your thoughts on the use of animals for proposals?

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If there is one thing Martin Bester is incredibly passionate about, it's animal conservation and the treatment of animals. 

In the below video, a man and a woman can be seen interacting with a large elephant. The two are seen touching and stroking the large mammal and then suddenly the man gets down on one knee.

In that moment, the elephant is seen using its trunk to pass the woman an object, which is obviously the ring. 

As adorable and romantic as this is, one needs to ask yourself how a wild animal like an elephant was taught such a trick?

Well, we have all seen the videos and heard the stories of elephants and many other animals being abused in order to learn to perform these types of tricks. 

Do you think these types of interactions with elephants should be allowed? 

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