Martin Bester talks about his unusual holiday sighting

Martin Bester talks about his unusual holiday sighting

Do you have an hilarious or unusual holiday story to share that caught your attention this past festive season? Martin does...

martin bester unsual image car boot

Martin Bester definitely spotted something you don't see every day. 

If you were lucky enough to go away for a break over the festive season, you would probably have seen many cars on the roads? 

While driving back to Johannesburg from his holiday, Breakfast Show host Martin Bester managed to come across a car on the road that had been duct taped.

The image captured by Bester shows the car's boot lined with duct tape in order to close the loaded boot. Crazy, right?!

Our listeners took to social media to share the strangest things they saw while on holiday:

If you managed to spot something while on the roads or while on holiday, share it with us by commenting in the comments section below.

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