Tumi Morake uncovers hilarious clip of Martin Bester

Tumi Morake uncovers hilarious clip of Martin Bester

This throwback footage of Martin Bester from way back when was just too good to not share...

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This is exactly why we love the internet! 

Hardly anything that's posted disappears and there are always means and ways to dig up some 'dirt' on someone. 

In this case, Tumi managed to somehow find an old clip of Martin Bester hosting a TV show on popular Afrikaans channel, KykNET.

The show, 'Tweestryd', is an exciting interactive game show where three couples (partners, siblings or friends) compete in three different rounds, answering questions about each other. The aim of the game is to find out how well they know their 'partner'. The winning couple walks away with a whopping R100,000!

The hilarious clip sees Bester in action on the popular show. How incredibly young does he look?

More so, we totally need a moment for Martin's hair...

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