Is your partner the star of every school committee?

Is your partner the star of every school committee?

Breakfast Show host Tumi Morake spoke about how her husband always seems to join new school committees at their children's schools.

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Are you or your partner involved in your child's school?

Many parents refuse to get involved with their children's school's committees and PTA groups, but there are those who are always wanting to help and be involved. 

As for Tumi Morake's husband, he somehow always gets himself in the toughest situations at school. Morake said that he constantly gets himself elected and voted into a new school committee. 

"My husband, if I am not there, always comes back as the president of something," she told Martin Bester earlier on Tuesday. 

Take a listen to Tumi's constant struggles below:

Does your partner love joining school committees and parent groups?

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