A 20% spike in hijackings - Richard Brussow provides tips for motorists

A 20% spike in hijackings - Richard Brussow provides tips for motorists

Hijackings happen every single day, peaking on Fridays from midday.

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Richard Brussow, director of the National Hijacking Prevention Academy (NHPA), has been investigating hijackings for 21 years and recently shared their findings from an in-depth analysis of hijackings that took place between August 2019 and July 2020.

According to expert Brussow, hijackers prefer areas where there’s slow moving traffic. 

Brussow said that the modus operandi of hijackers typically includes the following methods:

  • Boxing in: Choosing spots where victims can’t escape easily;
  • Forced stop: Using vehicles to force the victim off the road;
  • Follow the leader: Following victims from busy public spaces to quieter spots;
  • Test drive: Posing as potential buyers of advertised vehicles who’d like a test drive;
  • Blue light: Posing as police or traffic officials.

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Tips to prevent a hijacking: 

Avoid being distracted and focus on the road and the safety of people in the vehicle. Plan your route to avoid driving on roads you did not intend to drive on and constantly check who is following you. 

Know your neighbours, keep your driveway free of places where perpetrators can hide and ensure it's well-lit. Remember to lock doors when driving.

Listen to Brussow give hijacking prevention tips to protect you and your family on Baby Brunch with Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp

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