The 942’s perform live on television for the first time

The 942’s perform live on television for the first time

After receiving hundreds of My Kid Rocks entries, we have created a world-class band! 

The 942's eNCA
Source: YouTube video

The 942’s did a live performance on television and it was flawless!  


“I was looking for the coolest and most talented kids band and I think we found them. We are going to release their first single and music video. There’s definitely going to be a tour. It’s going to look a bit different bit we’ll work within the framework and regulations.” Said Martin Bester.  

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Mentored by Martin Bester himself, the band has grown so much in a month and we cannot wait to see what they will get up to in 2021! 


Enjoy South Africa’s youngest rock band below! 


Vocals: Lisa Taylor Combrink

After a few vocal rounds, Lisa won the heart of the audience and judges and is the vocalist for The 942's!

Drummer: Dominic McNabb

Twelve-year-old drummer, Dominic McNabb, is such a talented kid. Dominic's mission is to teach and inspire both younger and older generations! 

Bass guitar: Angelo Roman

Angelo Roman is the bass guitar player! Angelo's dad Rixi is a top bass guitarist and his 13-year-old son is just as talented on the bass guitar as his father - you won't believe your eyes when you see him play. We're happy to have the young man from Hoërskool Waterkloof in the My Kid Rocks band! 

Guitar: Ruan Nel

Listeners were impressed with Ruan Nel's guitar skills on Breakfast with Martin Bester! 

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