The 9th Day Animal Shelter needs your help after a break-in

The 9th Day Animal Shelter needs your help after a break-in

After a break-in, the shelter and the animals need YOUR help. 

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The 9th Day Animal Shelter is a Rescue, Rehabilitation & Rehome Centre. The shelter are a registered NPC based in Krugersdorp, Johannesburg South Africa founded by Charmaine Booysens in January 2015.

The main focus is on rescuing the stray and abandoned animals living on the streets and in surrounding impoverished communities. We provide outsourced medical care, shelter (in kennels and foster homes), and rehabilitation to the best of our limited abilities. Efforts are made to reach the ultimate goal: A loving forever home for the rescued. The 9th Day is pro-life, which means the only time an animal will be euthanized is if a veterinarian determines there is no way to save it.

They are a small, growing team working on a volunteer basis relying entirely on the generosity and actions of the public/sponsors and depending on this continued loyalty.

9th Day is made up of ordinary people from different walks of life, working together with a common goal to accomplish extraordinary things.

The 9th Day is the team, the supporters (near/far), the volunteers, the rescuers, and anyone who wishes to help the rescued.

The more support they have the closer we get to our vision: Continue rescue operations and give them the best treatment, rehabilitation, and living conditions possible. Working towards finding that forever family for every rescued animal in our care.

Together WE are The 9th Day. Together we can continue to rescue those who have no one and nowhere else. 


If you are at all able to help with a donation to help us replace these much needed items, we would really appreciate - each R10 will make a massive difference.

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