The average salary in South Africa revealed

The average salary in South Africa revealed

StatsSA has published the latest Quarterly Employment Survey (QES) for Q4 2018, showing what workers are getting paid across the various sectors in the country.

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According to the data, the average monthly earnings paid to employees in the formal non-agricultural sector remained unchanged quarter to quarter, however annually it increased by 4.9%.

The average worker gets paid R21,190 per month (down slightly from R21,192 recorded in August 2018), up from R20,193 in the same period in 2017.

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This equates to approximately R254,300 per year.

Basic salary/wages paid to employees increased by R5.02 billion (0.8%) from R625.25 billion in September 2018 to R630.26 billion in December 2018.

Year-on-year, bonus and overtime increased by R10.2 billion 12.0%.

The table below outlines how the average salary for employees is broken down by sector, including salary and bonuses paid out over the quarter.

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