Beauty queen banned from Miss World because she is a mother

Beauty queen banned from Miss World because she is a mother

Model and beauty queen Veronika Didusenko was banned from taking part in the beauty pageant because she has a child and was once married. 

Miss World Ukriane
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Veronika Didusenko, 24, is allegedly taking legal action against the Miss World organisation after being banned from taking part in the competition because she is divorced and has a five-year-old son. 

In 2018, Didusenko won Miss Ukraine and planned to represent the country at Miss World, but she was banned because of the rules of the pageant.

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The rules for the Miss World pageant state that you cannot be married, divorced, pregnant or have any children when entering the competition and throughout your reign should you win. 

"In 2018 this is simply not right. This discrimination on the grounds of motherhood must end," Didusenko mentioned in her Instagram post. 

Didusenko is now fighting for herself and the rights of mothers. 

Liesl Laurie, former Miss SA and Miss World Top 10 finalist, weighed in on the topic. 

"There are always rules - and if you don't meet the criteria one should not enter the competition."

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