Bentley worth nearly R30-million has no roof!

Bentley worth nearly R30-million has no roof!

Have you ever driven in a car with no roof? 

Bentley Bacalar photo
Source: Pixabay

A convertible is a vehicle that can be driven with or without a roof in place by retracting and storing the roof, depending on the model you drive.   

You get the best of both worlds by enjoying an open-air driving experience and the option to have a roof over your head when required - which is vital in adverse weather conditions.  

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However, when it starts drizzling, this particular car does not have an actual roof.  

The brand-new Bentley Bacalar’s design gave the designers more freedom because the roof or folded top is absent.  

A vehicle with no roof included is comfortable, quick, and strong, according to car critics. 

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Would you buy the limited edition car worth nearly R30-million?  

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Image credit: Pixaba

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