Bride forces bridesmaids to wear cowboy boots

Bride forces bridesmaids to wear cowboy boots

A bride forced her bridesmaids to wear cowboy boots with pink dresses. Interesting choice...

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A bridesmaid slammed the bride because they were forced to wear cowboy boots and pink dresses. 

According to Daily Mail, the bridesmaid, from the US, took to Reddit to vent her frustration at her bridesmaid's outfit, which she claims wouldn't sell for $10 (R 144,13) after she was made to fork out $169 for the dress.

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Breakfast with Martin Bester weighed in on this topic. 

"Weddings are out of control and people are taking it too far," Martin Bester said. 

Liesl Laurie said that brides force bridesmaids to do certain things, and they do not care about the cost.

The anonymous bridesmaid shared a photo on social media.  

Screenshot / Daily Mail

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