Does your cat behave badly? Here's how to fix them

Does your cat behave badly? Here's how to fix them

Cats stalk, hunt, jump, hit, kick, scratch, take you by surprise, and bite, but is it all in good fun?

Elma Smit

The dream you have for your cat is to have a companion to cuddle and play with when you get home after a long day at work, but some cats just won’t give peace a chance because of behavioural issues.

‘Frank Sinatra’, Elma Smit’s cat, is the most adorable fur ball you will ever lay your eyes on, but he has behavioural issues.

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Elma called in Niki Elliot, an animal behaviourist, and she suggested Frank gets a friend his own age seeing as Elma’s other cat, Kermit, is 10 years older than Frank.

Elma shared the news with us that she not only adopted a kitten friend for Frank, but she adopted two!

New kittens
Elma Smit

Listeners gave their two cents on how to fix the problem. Take a listen.

We called in the help of an international veterinarian, television personality and author Dr. Chris Brown to give Elma advice on how to handle Frank Sinatra.

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Do you have any advice for Elma?

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