Chanté de Klerk is looking for love

Chanté de Klerk is looking for love

Chanté de Klerk performed at the Couple's Night Out with Martin Bester and Friends event... and now she is looking for love...

Chanté de Klerk
Supplied/ Natasha Bouma

It all started when Chanté de Klerk performed with the legendary Ed Sheeran on Breakfast with Martin Bester.

Martin Bester invited the music teacher to audition to perform at the first-ever Couple's Night Out - and everyone loved her performance.

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De Klerk also mentioned that she is single.

Martin Bester and the team decided that they would help her to find someone special. 

Things she finds attractive:

  • Good manners and respect.
  • Ambition and drive.
  • Being passionate about something specific – a sport, an activity, a cause...
  • Independence and a strong sense of personal identity.
  • Physical characteristics: Don't have specific preferences.

Important things to know about her:

"I am invested in being physically active and appreciate someone who also sees value in participating in sports and related activities.

"I'm more than a little spontaneous. Someone who would be adventurous with me sounds awesome.

"I am quite extroverted, so someone who understands this about me and values spending time with friends and family makes things easier.

"I do need someone who is more analytically inclined than I am.

"I'm most definitely a dog person.

"The movie character I resemble and relate to most (in terms of personality): Louisa from 'Me Before You'."

Little things that really aren't so little:

  • I really value patience and tolerance.
  • I love what I do, so to have someone who supports me and respects my work is important to me.
  • Age probably 25-35.


"You have to laugh at my jokes. Even if you don't think I'm funny (even though I am), at least pretend."

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Image Credit: Supplied/ Natasha Bouma

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