Is chivalry an outdated concept?

Is chivalry an outdated concept?

Does he open the door for you? Does he pull out your chair? Should this still be done in modern society?


Chivalry is a set of expectations or a code of ethics for men on how to treat women. “Gentlemen” often allow women to enter a room first, allow her to exit the room first etc.

Many, however, believe chivalry shouldn’t only be an expectation of men, but of everyone. A few even believe chivalry only belongs in a relationship or a non-work environment.

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What is good manners and what is sexism? Many women believe opening a door for her at work is unnecessary and that an environment like an office is equal ground.

Martin Bester feels times have changed: "Maybe it’s one of those topic people are divided on. Maybe it comes down to individuality?"

Do you believe in chivalry?

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