Complete Martin Bester’s sentence: "I'm so broke that..."

Complete Martin Bester’s sentence: "I'm so broke that..."

While it’s never fun to worry over money, sometimes a good laugh eases the stress.

I'm so broke that...
I'm so broke that.../Facebook video

With the festive season well behind us, and payday still one day away (over a week for some), it definitely feels as though the month is still a long way away from ending!

Breakfast with Martin Bester realised some people received their last salary before Christmas. That is more than a month ago!

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Are you feeling the end of the month lack of money creeping up? So do we!

Martin Bester sent Liesl Laurie around the office to find a hamper for a lucky listener with the best response to "I'm so broke that..."

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Listeners sent their response on Facebook and they are hilarious! 

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