Coronasomnia: What it is and how to treat it

Coronasomnia: What it is and how to treat it

COVID-19 has given South Africans plenty of reasons to lose sleep. Because of the pandemic, the lockdown, and the stresses, more people are battling to sleep.

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Coronasomnia is definitely on the rise, with more people reported to be having trouble sleeping due to anxiety, depression, and concerns over COVID-19. Have you experienced this? 

Have you suffered sleepless nights because your life changed drastically and you cannot see the end?  

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Breakfast with Martin Bester spoke to Anton Fourie, clinical technologist involved with diagnostic sleep studies based at the Lifestyle Sleep Centre at Unitas Hospital. 

Anton Fourie says, “Get up in the morning, don’t work in your pyjamas. Those things are critically important. Before sleep you need to be meditating a bit for e.g. like a good book.”

Have you experienced this? 

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