Coronavirus Support: A helping hand to 25 stranded students

Coronavirus Support: A helping hand to 25 stranded students

While campus activity has screeched to a halt during the lockdown, Loraine’s care for the students has not.

GMA 28 April

BACKGROUND: Loraine Gillan is the Student Support official at the Westcol TVET College in Krugersdorp, where the mechanical and electrical engineers of the future are trained. She’s gravely concerned over the plight of 25 students, stranded near the campus during the lockdown. They were not able to go to their home provinces and there is no indication yet of when schools and higher education facilities will re-open. These are all NFSAS students from impoverished families who cannot support them financially while campus accommodation and food schemes are closed. The students have been able to get temporary private accommodation, which their NFSAS allowances have to cover, but they have no means to buy food. Loraine has supported the students from her own pocket as much as she can. She’s been able to get some donations of maize meal, cabbage, and pumpkin from a local farmer, which she distributed among the students. This is however not enough and that’s why her brother nominated Loraine and the 25 stranded students for Good Morning Angels' #CoronavirusSupport.

REQUEST FOR:  Loraine Gillan

REQUEST FROM: Etienne van der Walt 

ANGEL:  The Good Morning Angels Fund NPC 

SPONSORING: The GMA Fund will send R20,000 in AngelRands to Loraine to enable her to buy food and essentials for the 25 stranded students. #AngelRands is Jacaranda FM Good Morning Angel’s own electronic voucher, managed and distributed on our behalf by (powered by Celbux).


My sister, Loraine is the Student Support Facilitator at Westcol TVET College based in Krugersdorp.  During this lockdown time, she has a list of 25 students who are in dire need of food and basic needs.  This list is growing daily. The students do not have any income and have no means of getting any income during this time. They are still awaiting NSFAS payment, which they have not received since before the shutdown. She has tried to support them from her own home and her own money, but it is also putting a huge amount of financial strain on her as she is also a single divorced woman.  She receives countless cries of help from her students daily for food as and some are also being threatened of being evicted by their landlords.

Any bit of help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance and thank you very much for the wonderful work you are doing for the people.

Etienne van der Walt

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