Is a COVID-19 fourth wave looming? Prof Helen Rees advises

Is a COVID-19 fourth wave looming? Prof Helen Rees advises

Do you want more information about a possible COVID-19 a fourth wave in South Africa? 

Professor Helen rees

Professor Helen Rees is leading the SA leg of a global trial to identify treatments for COVID-19. Professor Rees, Executive Director of the Wits Reproductive Health and HIV Institute, discussed vaccines and shared her broad knowledge on Breakfast with Martin Bester.  

Martin Bester asked the all-important question, “Is the fourth wave looming?” 

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Professor Helen Rees advises, “We don’t completely know. We have a modelling group in South Africa and they are trying to evaluate the behaviour.” 

She further states, “There are certain things that might happen when going into a fourth wave. If we drop one of the habits we have become accustomed to, that will push a fourth wave.” 

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Do you want to know if another COVID-19 strain is possible and if an additional ‘booster shot’ is necessary? 

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