Crime expert Richard Brussow shares latest crime trends in South Africa

Crime expert Richard Brussow shares latest crime trends in SA

Richard Brussow, director of the National Hijacking Prevention Academy (NHPA), discusses the latest crime trends in South Africa with Martin Bester.

Martin Bester and Richard Brussow
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Crime and hijacking prevention expert, Richard Brussow, has been in crime prevention for "about 34 years". He is also the director of the National Hijacking Prevention Academy (NHPA).

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In an interview with Martin Bester on Tuesday morning, Brussow discusses the latest crime trends and shares ways to keep safe.

This includes an array of different trends.

'Spiking' has been on the rise and is currently one of the biggest hijacking trends. 'Spiking' is when spikes are added to a piece of metal and then placed on the road in order to damage car tyres. 

"Hijackers like fast lanes because that is where most of the expensive cars drive."

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Brussow encourages South Africans to "familiarise yourself with the specific areas where this is a trend." It is important to slow down your vehicle and be vigilant in these areas specifically. Brussow also states that the value of the car is the motivating factor when it comes to hijackings. 

If you are a victim of 'Spiking', ensure you stay on the road for as long as possible and only change the affected tyre after driving a few kilometres. 

In terms of robberies and house hostages, Brussow says that robbers are also vigilant of the monetary status of their victims.

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Weekend braais also seem to be the perfect opportunity for robbers. The robbers are aware that during a braai victims are likely to be less vigilant of their surroundings and safety measurements. 

Brussow informed us to "fall flat to the ground and do exactly what they say. The quicker you do what they say the quicker they will leave during a house robbery. 

"Don't stare at the robber. Don't be a hero. Your objective is to protect yourself and your family."

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