Dad gets job after pleading for work on the street

Dad gets job after pleading for work on the street

Dean Adams' poster read: "I'm not looking for any handouts. I need a job. Anything. Please. Thank you. God bless.”

Dad from Goodwood, Cape Town

A 56-year-old father who put his pride aside and appealed for work by standing at an intersection in Goodwood, Cape Town with a placard, has landed a job.

Before the lockdown in South Africa began in 2020, he was driving a fleet of Uber vehicles on behalf of someone else.

Due to less business, he lost his job and things got so difficult they had to sell some of the family’s possessions to stay afloat. 

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There was only one more thing to do. He created a poster and went to the street. 

The next day, Adams received a call from someone willing to assist him, who saw the story on social media.

We’re so happy Dean Adams is employed again! 

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Adams said: "I am grateful that I can work, put food on the table and pay my rent. I really didn’t care what a job it was, as long as it was a job and I was able to work and make money. I don’t want a fancy job or drive a fancy car, I just wanted a job to survive, sleep comfortably at night and have peace of mind.”

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