Designer luxury blanket worth R15,000

Designer luxury blanket worth R15,000

Winter is here and South Africa is gearing up for a chilly season.

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It is time to pull those blankets closer as some parts of South African prepare for a cold week ahead.

According to the South African Weather Service, “South Africans can expect a chilly start to the coming week as surface temperatures are expected to drop significantly on Monday, 25 May into Tuesday."

Even with this cold weather, would you pay over R15,000 for a Gucci blanket?

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These high-end blankets and quilts are inspired by the House narrative. Theses throw blankets have a tartan design on one side and a dragonfly and butterfly pattern on the opposite side.

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South Africans were shocked by the design and print because it is similar to a blanket design South Africans grew up, which, of course, was a fraction of the price. 

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