Dog saves owner during armed robbery in Brakpan

Dog saves owner during armed robbery in Brakpan

A four-year-old dog was shot during an armed robbery while protecting her owner. 

armed robbery Brakpan
Source: Twitter

De Jager, 58, was followed from the bank to outside his house in Brakpan. He withdrew his salary in cash a few moments before. 

In the video, one can see the attackers forcing de Jager out of his vehicle. 

The attackers stole his cellphone and all the money. They fired three shots, one hitting Niki, de Jager’s four-year-old Dobermann.

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De Jager spoke to Martin Bester about the ordeal. 

“We’re happy Niki survived, she has 14 stitches and she is busy recovering.”

"I was at a bank at [email protected] They knew exactly in which bag to look, it happened so fast and I do not know where they saw me. It was R15,500.”

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After de Jager’s horrific ordeal, Martin Bester and Lottostar gave Lood his salary back! 


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