Emo Adams sports a new lockdown beard

Emo Adams sports a new lockdown beard

Emo Adams’ fans were shocked when the entertainer shared a photo of him with what appeared to be a much longer beard than his normal look. 

Emo Adams beard
Emo Adams/Instagram

Emo Adams joined Breakfast with Martin Bester on day 54 of the national lockdown to talk about his 'newly acquired beard'. 

The Capetonian told Breakfast with Martin Bester that everyone loves the look but that he should shave it off immediately.

Luckily it is not real!

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Is It Time To Let The #LockdownLook Go?

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The lockdown means that families are spending the majority of their time in close proximity to one another.

The father of four shared parenting advice with all the parents saying, "I have four kids. I have a lot of patience, but it has been tested during this time."

On a parting note, the ‘Noot vir Noot’ host played a special Breakfast version of the popular TV show and it definitely made our Tuesday morning! 

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