Emotional Metro Police officer thanks Centurion surgeon

Emotional Metro Police officer thanks Centurion surgeon

Reggie Masango expressed his gratitude to Dr Potgieter on Breakfast with Martin Bester on Wednesday morning. 

Reggie and Dr. Potgieter
Source: Pixabay

Reggie Masango, a metro police officer, contacted Breakfast with Martin Bester as it is his wish to give thanks to Dr. Jacquese Potgieter who performed an eye operation on his grandmother. 

Reggie Masango told Martin Bester with enthusiasm how he met Dr. Potgieter: “I stopped a man for violating a traffic sign. We started talking and I told the man that my grandmother is going blind. It turns out he is Dr. Potgieter from the Centurion Eye Hospital."

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Masango was surprised that throughout consultations and the entire process, Dr. Potgieter did not ask to be paid for his services. 

Dr. Potgieter joined Martin Bester and echoed Masango’s sentiments: “In South Africa we do need to stand together. For an elder who cannot afford it, it takes nothing from me to help. The only way we can make this country a better place is if we stand together. There’s no other way.”

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