EXCLUSIVE: Patricia Lewis releases new song on Jacaranda FM

EXCLUSIVE: Patricia Lewis releases new song on Jacaranda FM

After 11 years out of the spotlight, beloved singer Patricia Lewis is back with a brand new single, 'Hello Hello'.

Patricia Lewis

Patricia Lewis decided to write an uplifting, happy, and cheerful song about how she missed life, living, and seeing family and friends.

Patricia hopes to put smiles on everyone’s faces with ‘Hello Hello’, her first song in more than a decade.

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Patricia said: “You beautiful people are like family to me… I’ve known some of you for decades and decades! So, you’re allowed to be brutal. The song is cheesy...? Yes! Do I care...? No! Why...? Because the whole world has suffered, it has been a very heart-breaking and sad place for 20 months!”

The singer is just as bubbly as ever and we cannot wait for her music tour in 2022!

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