Expert advice on child depression: What are the signs?

Expert advice on child depression: What are the signs?

Childhood depression is different from the normal "blues" and everyday emotions that occur as a child develops. 

Child psychiatrist, Dr. Pather
Child psychiatrist, Dr. Pather/Breakfast with Martin Bester

Children, like adults, also suffer from depression, although their symptoms may not be the same but how does a parent know their child is depressed?

Child psychiatrist, Dr. Sarvani Pather joined Martin Bester to talk about suicide prevention and the signs to look out for.

Dr. Pather says aggression and irritability is a sign. “Sometimes it is very difficult to say because children play and even when they are depressed, they will continue to play. Marks will decrease, they don’t have the drive they used to have. They sometimes refuse to go to school.”

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The big question, however, is what do you do as a parent? What’s next?

“Speak to the school and teachers or other caregivers. That will give you a sense of the severity of the case. If you don’t have money for a psychiatrist, there are clinics who will refer you to cheaper options if you might need it.”

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How prevalent is depression? Is it happening more than before? 

Listen to the conversation between Martin Bester and Dr. Pather below.


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