Expert advice: Social media do’s and don’ts for children

Expert advice: Social media do’s and don’ts for children

Social media is taking a front seat and it is getting more and more difficult to navigate the dangers that come with it.

Dr Lizzy
Dr. Lizzy Harrison on Breakfast with Martin Bester

Harrison aims to educate people, especially parents and learners, on the impact of social media abuse from a legal and psychological point of view.

Dr. Lizzie Harrison joined Martin Bester earlier this year to give advice and guidance to parents on what is best.

When asked if parents need to be involved with their children's social media use, Dr. Harrison said that ”When your kid first gets their phone you have to establish a set of rules with your child where they know exactly what they can do on social media and what the boundaries are. It makes the parents’ lives better. It gets tricky when you intervene and make rules when they are older (13 or 14-year-old).”

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The appropriate age according to Dr. Harrison to award your child a phone is 13.

But what about secret languages children use on social media?

Listen below. 

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