Five items that are now more expensive in South Africa

Five items that are now more expensive in South Africa

Annual consumer inflation hit a seven-month high in October due to rising prices of food and non-alcoholic beverages.

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A recent release from Statistics SA (Stats SA) provides a breakdown of which items in South Africa have become more expensive.  

If you’ve ever got home after doing grocery shopping and thought to yourself, “Where is my money going?!”, you are not imagining things.  

Prices in the food and non-alcoholic beverages category jumped by 1,4% on average between September and October, causing a 5,4% annual increase.  

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Large annual price increases were recorded by Stats SA for:  

  1. Fruit (13,9%)
  2. Oils and fats (9,7%)
  3. Sugar, sweets and desserts (9,7%)
  4. Milk, eggs and cheese (6,5%)
  5. Black tea prices 

Bread and cereals, however, registered a ‘normal’ increase on par with the headline rate (3,3%).  

If, like the Breakfast with Martin Bester team, you enjoy a good cup of tea, you’re out of luck. Unfortunately, tea was the main driver behind the rise in hot beverage prices. 

Rooibos tea, on the other hand, has risen at a much slower 3,3% rate. It’s important to note even though its experiencing a lower price increase, it is still more expensive than black tea.  

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Municipal water and electricity tariffs both increased on average by 6,0% in comparison to when they were surveyed in July. 

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