Former president Thabo Mbeki tries his hand at golf… and misses

Former president Thabo Mbeki tries his hand at golf… and misses

Have you seen former president Thabo Mbeki play golf?

Former president Thabo Mbeki tries his hand at golf
Source: Twitter/@koko_matshela

It was an exciting sporting weekend in the world! Lewis Hamilton claimed his 100th F1 win, South Africa clinched the World Sevens Series in Canada, and Manchester City beat Chelsea! We won't talk about the Bulls, though...

Many sport enthusiasts watched the Ryder Cup over the weekend and excitedly watched the United States secure the 2021 title.

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The sport is so popular that golf equipment and accessories saw a massive growth lately and more people are trying to master the art.

According to CNBC, "golf surged in popularity in 2020 by nearly every metric, as people sought out the socially distanced outdoor activity amid the pandemic."

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Some watch sport from their couch and some, like former president Thabo Mbeki, tried to have fun on the golf course - but it did not go too well…

In a video shared on Twitter by @koko_matshela, Mbeki takes a swing but misses the ball completely.

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