Francois van Coke shares exciting news on #FridayLive

Francois van Coke shares exciting news on #FridayLive

Francois van Coke has made our year after sharing the most exciting news!

Francois Martin Breakfast
Breakfast with Martin Bester

The rockstar has been a household name in the music industry for years and continues to shine on stage.

The iconic Fokofpolisiekar and Van Coke Kartel frontman joined Martin Bester this morning to share exciting news. Van Coke teased in a Facebook post on Thursday night: “Ons gaan iets speel en iets groot announce ‘n groot event. Luister môre as jy kan!”

Listen to the big announcement here: 

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Francois van Coke’s second solo album, ‘Hierdie Is Die Lewe’ has received a massive amount of success. His first performance of the morning is a ballad, ‘Die Wereld Is Mal’.

In between his #FridayLive performances, Francois also tried his hand at playing the R100 000 Secret Sound.  

Francois van Coke performs 'Die Skip' and we loved every second

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