Game ranger gives advice on what to do when wild animals attack

Game ranger gives advice on what to do when a wild animal attacks

An elephant approached a family car earlier this month and the video went viral. Martin Bester spoke to the family and decided to invite a game ranger to share some advice. 

Game Ranger Jarryd Reid
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In July, a video of an elephant approaching a family car went viral on social media. 

The girl in the back started panicking and begged her father to close her window. 

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The seventeen-year-old was in such a state of panic that she decided to start praying. The elephant then walked away.

After Martin Bester saw this video, he decided to invite game ranger Jarryd Reid for some advice on what to do when a wildlife animal approaches you.

When you’re in a situation with an elephant, what should your first reaction be?

"There’s a few situations. This best thing to do is to turn your vehicle off and give the animal right of way. Often with elephants when they do approach and they’re angry, they will shake their heads and flap their ears. By opening their ears, they also look bigger. It will also drape their trunk over their tusk," he said.

The game ranger added: "An elephant can run up to 35km/h."

A few Breakfast with Martin Bester listeners asked Jarryd Reid some questions. Listen below.

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