Gerda de Sousa’s heartwarming letter to her son on his first day of high school

Gerda de Sousa’s heartwarming letter to her son on his first day of high school

It is back to school for most children and the anticipation is high! For parents - not so much.

Gerda and Aiden
Supplied/Gerda da Sousa

New grade, new books, and new excitement is in the air. However, it is bitter-sweet for parents, even though they sometimes wished the holidays would come to an end.

Gerda de Sousa is a mother to thirteen-year-old Aiden, who is starting high school on Wednesday. 

If you are a parent, you would appreciate Gerda’s thoughtful and heartwarming letter to her son ahead of the big day.

Gerda's letter to her son

They are all so special and each one is made special in their own way. Before you know it you will be grandparents and then you can spoil them as you like.

Dropping you off for Grade 8.

The first certainty for 2019, is that my ugly cry will emerge from sunrise on the morning of Wednesday 9 January. In fact, by 7:30 am it will for sure reach a state of full-on wailing. 

It’s the first morning of High School. 

But these, my Aidan, are tears of pride. Of joy. Of love. 

After a year of self-doubt, research, anguish and some serious family deliberations, we are this morning opening the car door for you to walk through the gates and into your senior school career. 

Please note …. I am not adding that I’m walking with you. The letter from the school makes it clear – our son will walk from the gates to the main hall on his own. Parents are to stay at their cars and off the school grounds!

I have no choice. This is your walk in your shoes on your own and on your new path.

You will fall far and with tremendous speed within these first three months of Grade 8, Aidan. I won’t be able to catch you, but you must know my son -I will help you get up. 

I’m going to see you grow – literally. And I can’t wait.

But for now – please give the Panados while I nurture this serious headache from depleting my tears.

Always with love – while I’m letting go.

Gerda de Sousa's son
Gerda de Sousa's son/Supplied

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