GMA Coronavirus Support: Helping 13 vulnerable children keep up with learning during lockdown

GMA Coronavirus Support: Helping 13 vulnerable children keep up with learning during lockdown

David House in Rozettenville is a safe haven, home, and family to 13 vulnerable children aged between three and 16 years of age.

David House GMA

BACKGROUND:  Most of these children have been abandoned because they are HIV positive  Seven of the children have been in the care of the home since they were babies, so it is the only home they know. David House gets its name from the man who left the home to a church in Rozettenville after his death, for the purpose of creating a safe haven for abandoned children. The home needs to raise funds for the care of the children, utilities, and upkeep. During the lockdown, they are in desperate need of means to help the children with their school work and online classes. The children also need winter clothes and because of their compromised immune systems, extra vitamins and a nutritious diet. One of the supporters of the home and friend of the house mother, Patricia Rice, asked Good Morning Angels to assist David House with the extra challenges during the national lockdown.  

REQUEST FOR: Ronel Fourie of David House in Rozettenville 

REQUEST FROM: Friend, Patricia Rice 

ANGEL: The Good Morning Angels Fund NPC

SPONSORING: The GMA Fund will send R20,000 in AngelRands to David House to enable them to buy clothes, food, and other essentials for the 13 children in their care. #AngelRands is Jacaranda FM Good Morning Angel’s own electronic voucher, managed and distributed on our behalf by (powered by Celbux).


Dear Angels,

A friend of ours, Ronel is the house mom who runs a home called David House in Rozettenville (under curatorship of Resthaven Ministries) for 13 abandoned children aged from 3 to 16 years old that are HIV positive.

Friends have donated amongst many other things the children need to survive  4  (but two sadly need repairs) computers for the 9 of the children to do their homework and online schooling. All the children attend school, from primary to high school.   Obviously the children need data to work on these computers.

As they are all special needs children their special diet is imperative.  Although they love a boerewors braai and eggs for French toast are their favourites!

Any donations from yourselves of nutritious food, LOTS AND LOTS OF VICKS OINTMENT FOR BODY RUB, the odd working computer and data, clothing, toiletries (including toilet rolls*****) will be most appreciated.

Ronel and the children will appreciated your help in these most difficult times.

With kind regards and thanks for all that Jacaranda FM does for our communities.


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