GMA Coronavirus Support: Strengthening the hands who help the needy

GMA Coronavirus Support: Strengthening the hands who help the needy

It is estimated that 15-million people in South Africa are currently experiencing hunger.

GMA Round table Brooklyn Mall

BACKGROUND: The brutal reality is that the need will increase as the national lockdown continues and that the government alone will not be able to reach all those who don’t have any means of income. Civil organisations, who have been working in communities across the country, report that their funds are drying up, while the cries for help grow louder. One such organisation is the Round Table, made up of professional young men who volunteer their time and resources to bring positive change in their immediate communities. Through fundraising and events, the Round Table gathers resources throughout the year, to serve at least 125 communities in South Africa - but even they are running low on the means to support. They have asked Good Morning Angels to assist in strengthening their hands, to give where it is needed.

REQUEST FOR: Christo Bezuidenhout, National President of the Round Table SA 

ANGEL: Mari-Elize Schneider on behalf of Brooklyn Mall 

SPONSORING: Brooklyn Mall will assist the Round Table with R100,000 to enable them to continue assisting communities in need across the country


Good day Dianne,

As you guys at Good Morning Angels know, the Round Table is a countrywide organisation for young men between the ages of 18-40.

We have 125 active clubs, which means we are serving a minimum of 125 communities around the country. Some clubs are serving 2 or 3 communities.

Through the Covid-19 lockdown, the NEED out there has just increased. However, our capability to generate funds has been dramatically cut down. We are an organisation working IN the community FOR the community. We are dependent on the fundraising projects we do. And off course, these are currently not allowed. So we have to find creative and other ways to raise funds or goods, to serve the needy. 

The less we can do, the more the need becomes. So it is a vicious circle. 

We need to take hands with corporate and other supporters to be able to help in these 125 plus communities. We are a tool. We are on the ground, and we keep providing and supporting. But because of the rise in NEED, we have reached a point where we need support. We need help from willing companies to support Round Table and enable us to help and serve. Just like so many other service organisations out there. 

Thank you for this platform of yours where we can ask for help and raise awareness of the cries for help from our fellow man. 




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