Good Morning Angels: Assisting a flower seller who's been spreading joy for 30 years

Good Morning Angels: Assisting a flower seller who's been spreading joy for 30 years

On Wednesday's Good Morning Angels, we helped flower seller Johannes Qambelisha, who has been bringing joy to the Beyers Naudé community for 30 years. 

Johannes, Martin and Xola
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Many of us drive the same roads to work, school, and home every day. We know our routes well - the landmarks, traffic flow, and even the people.

If you drive by the big garage just off the N1 on Beyers Naudé, chances are that you would have seen the same flower seller on the corner for the past 30 years. His name is Johannes Qambelisha.

A few of the regulars on the road have noticed that Johannes has not been on the corner selling flowers as regularly as usual. They found out that he is not well and needs medical assistance, but that he cannot completely take time off as he is the only breadwinner for his family. 

Johannes has a wife and three children, who are all grown but cannot find employment. His eldest son is in a wheelchair and needs extra medical care. That’s why residents of the Randpark community reached out to Good Morning Angels. 

REQUEST FOR: Johannes Qambelisha

REQUEST FROM: Elzanie Bothma

ANGEL: The Good Morning Angels Fund NPC 

SPONSORING: The GMA Fund will assist Johannes with R25,000 to help with his medical needs and family responsibilities.


Good Day

If you ever drive home via the N1 South and Beyers Naude, then you'll have seen the vintage gentleman that sells roses at the offramp robot at rush hour. He's been there, in my recollection alone, for near on 15 years (and likely more), selling roses diligently, earning his living honestly day by day. 

It could be that you also noticed lately that he's not around every day. That's because he's no longer a spring chicken, and some days can't make it and needs to rest.

His name is Qambelisha, or for those who have a hard time with clicks (totally get it), Johannes. He's originally from Ladysmith. If you see him, please buy a rose, or even consider giving him any donation you see fit.

On any given day, if he does okay, he gets to rest at home the following day instead of coming into work. And at his ripe old age, he should be resting every day but has to keep hustling.

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