Good Morning Angels: Chef Jurie is losing his eyesight, his job, and now his home

Good Morning Angels: Chef Jurie is losing his eyesight, his job, and now his home

Jurie Bekker has been a chef all his life. He loves his job, but his eyesight started deteriorating and he lost his job in 2019. 

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BACKGROUND: Jurie has been unable to find other work in his field and has resorted to selling scrap metal and other things he could find to keep the roof over his family’s head. He has sold most of their possessions of value to keep paying rent. The situation only got worse during lockdown. He and his wife, Clare, wrote to Good Morning Angels in desperation.

REQUEST FOR: Jurie Bekker

REQUEST FROM: Clare Bekker

ANGEL 1: LottoStar … with love

SPONSORING: LottoStar is joining forces with Good Morning Angels with a special "With Love” fund to give added assistance to as many people as possible during this challenging COVID-19 pandemic. From this fund, LottoStar will help Jurie with R10,000 to catch up on rent and other essentials.

ANGEL 2: Operation Healing Hands 

OFFER: Jurie will go for a free eye assessment to the Operation Healing Hands FREE Eye Clinic on 17 October. They will advise Jurie on his way forward with his eye sight.


Please Good Morning Angels!

We are begging you … We’ve been sending in 100 requests for months. We are desperate and we have nowhere else to turn.

Please help Jurie. He has been unemployed for over 18 months now. He is a chef and is busy losing his eye sight. He has sold everything possible in our house to try provide for us and we busy losing our home as we can’t pay rent. We barely have food and hardly enough electricity. We bathe once a week as we don't have enough electricity for the geyser. 

Please help him Good Morning Angels!

Clare Bekker

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