Good Morning Angels: Dream come true for 14-year-old cancer warrior

Good Morning Angels: Dream come true for 14-year-old cancer warrior

GMA and Reach for A Dream brings hope, strength and courage to 14-year old Morris Mdlongwa.

GMA 14 year old cancer worrier


Morris Mdlongwa loves drawing and painting and researching all sorts of art online. He enjoys going to school and learning, however, he is not able to attend much school these days.Morris is fighting AML - an aggressive form of blood cancer.

His dad, TK says Morris struggled with what they thought was another bout of tonsillitis. The medication was not effective and they took him to the doctor. The family was shocked when Morris was diagnosed with a life threatening AML-cancer.

Morris is responding well to his treatment at the Charlotte Maxeke State Hospital in Johannesburg, however, it's tiring and keeps him away from the people and the activities he loves.

Morris told, "Reach for a Dream" that he would love to spend the day doing art - painting and being creative. He would also love to have his own computer, as traveling to the library to do research has become a challenge.

REQUEST FOR: 14-year old Morris Mdlongwa 

ANGEL 1: Reach for a Dream 

SPONSORING: Reach for a Dream booked Morris and his dad, TK for an ArtJamming session and lunch at Melrose Arch

ANGEL 2: Good Morning Angels and Teljoy

SPONSORING: Good Morning Angels surprised Morris with a brand new, state of the art Acer Laptop, compliments of Teljoy.


Reach for a Dream this year celebrates 30 years of making dreams come true for children fighting life threatening illness.

"We believe in the power of dreams; we encourage children to use their dreams to fight life-threatening illnesses and we try, as far as possible, to make these dreams come true.”

To enable Reach for a Dream to make an average of 6 dreams come true every day - they need funds and assistance.

#SlipperDay2018 - on Friday 11 May - is one of their fundraising drives.

Buy a wristband from Wimpy or Pick ’n Pay and wear your slippers to work or school in support of making children’s dreams come true.

Get more info here: [email protected] or call: 011-880-1740

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