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Good Morning Angels Festive Edition: This future teacher needs some Angel intervention to live her dream

Marisca is an independent 20-year-old student. Her dream is to teach children - in the foundation phase.

Good Morning Angels Festive Edition Teacher
Good Morning Angels Festive Edition Teacher/Youtube

BACKGROUND: Marisca is an independent 20-year-old student. Her dream is to teach children - in the foundation phase. Her mom, Hester is also a teacher - so a passion for teaching is in her blood. Besides studying hard, Marisca also works two jobs. She also has a sister in high school - and together these three women fend for themselves. Despite Marisca and Hester’s best efforts to pay for her studies, they’re still R14 000 short for this years’ fees. If the bill is not settled, Marisca cannot continue to her 2nd year - which will bring a new R40 000 tuition challenge. Marisca wrote to Good Morning Angels as her last hope. 

REQUEST FOR/FROM: 20-year old Marisca

Mom:  Hester Kriel

ANGEL: Bonnie Cooper on behalf of our fabulous festive sponsors, Roman’s Pizza


SPONSORING:  Roman’s Pizza will assist Marisca with the R14 000 outstanding class fees for 2018. Roman’s will also help Marisca with another R21 000 towards her 2nd year fees: a total sponsorship of R35 000!


Good day, 

I am 20 years old, studying education B ED foundation at Aros  - first year. My mother and I funded my studies this year, but we couldn't keep up with all the payments. 

My mom is a single mother - also a teacher. I also have a younger sister in high school. 

I cannot continue with my studies due to the outstanding money for this year (2018). 

I currently have two jobs which, still does not add up to all the money for university. 

I need to settle my account and I need help with it. There is R14 000,00 outstanding for 2018.

I also need to pay R3 500 registration for next year - which will be a total of R40 000,00.

I love what I do and I cannot wait to become a teacher to educate the youth, but I need help to live my dream.  

Kind regards 

Marisca Kriel 

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