Good Morning Angels Festive Edition: Helping one-year-old son burn victim

Good Morning Angels Festive Edition: Helping one-year-old burn victim

Tshepo Matjeni's one-year-old son was in hospital and help was needed immediately. 

GMA Festive Edition: Tshepo Matjeni
GMA Festive Edition: Tshepo Matjeni/Breakfast with Martin Bester

BACKGROUND:  Tshepo Matjeni received a call while at work. It was early October. On the line was his wife Sophie - she was in a state of panic. They 18-month old son, Perseverance was in Tembisa hospital. He burnt badly, with hot porridge while at the neighbour’s house. Perseverance had burns on both his little legs and hands. He was screaming with pain. Tshepo rushed to the hospital. His son stayed in hospital for more a five weeks. His hands are better, but the burns on his little legs need to be bandaged and treated. "He still cries every night. He cannot sleep, so we cannot sleep.” 

Tshepo earns a small salary working as a gardener at a housing complex in Centurion. The residents have helped as much as they could to assist Tshepo with the medical treatment and expenses  However, they are worried that Perseverance needs more than what they can provide and that’s why they asked Good Morning Angels to help this dedicated father, husband and employee to provide the best medical care possible for his son. 

REQUEST FOR: Tshepo Mametje

REQUEST FROM: Gillian Blackie


ANGEL: Bonnie Cooper on behalf of our fabulous festive sponsors, Roman’s Pizza


SPONSORING: Roman’s Pizza will donate R35 000 towards Tshepo and his family for little Perseverance’s burn medical treatment and other necessities.


Good day,

Please help the gardener from our complex in Lyttelton, Centurion. His name is Tshepo Mametje.

In October, his 1-year old son, Perseverance, burned very badly with hot porridge. Both his legs and hands were burned and he spent more than a month in the Tembisa Hospital.

Perseverance was released from the hospital a week ago and his mom, Sophie takes care of him and his burns at home.

His right leg is healing, but the left leg still needs treatment.

Tshepo is struggling to pay for all the medication and treatments needed for his son’s recovery.

Tshepo is a very good worker always willing to help. My heart is breaking for them. 

Please help them!

Gillian Blackie


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