Good Morning Angels Festive Edition: Helping siblings after bus accident

Good Morning Angels Festive Edition: Helping siblings after bus accident

The Angels came together to support the Ndlovu family after three siblings were badly injured in a school bus crash. The Good Morning Angels Festive Edition is proudly sponsored by Roman's Pizza

Good Morning Angels Festive Edition: Helping siblings after bus accident
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BACKGROUND: On the evening of 27 October 2021, the drivers of a school mini-bus and a bakkie were killed when they crashed head-on in Cosmo City. Six children and a teacher were badly injured. Three of these six injured children are siblings: Brighton (14), Lynette (12), and Quintin (10), who were on their way home from school. 

Their mom, Busi, and eldest brother, 18-year old Lynton, had just arrived home when they received the call. Dad, Reuben, was still at work. Busi and Lynton went to the horrific crash scene to find their loved ones. The accident happened about three kilometres away from their home.

The three siblings ended up in different hospitals, two were air-lifted.  

Brighton and Quintin are both currently in the Aucklandpark Rehab centre learning to cope with their injuries. However, Lynette is still critical and still in an induced coma. 

On the night of the crash, Reuben called his manager at work, Karen van Heerden, who wrote to Good Morning Angels on this family’s behalf: “I ask for all listeners to send all the affected parties but in particular Reuben and his family a halo of listeners prayers, warm wishes and a 10-ton truck filled with speedy recovery wishes for Reuben and Busi Ndlovu and their firstborn and also in particular to the School bus driver - his distraught family and children left behind."

REQUEST FOR: Reuben and Busi Ndlovu and their children. 

REQUEST FROM: Karen van Heerden

ANGEL: Bonnie Cooper, representing Roman's Pizza. 

SPONSORING: Roman’s Pizza will assist the Ndlovu family with R35,000 to help them through this difficult time as they head into an uncertain festive season.  


Dear Good Morning Angels,

Reuben & Busi Ndlovu with their pride and joy, Lynton (18); Brighton (14); Lynette (12) and Quintin (10). A normal family on their way home. The three kids are from St. Jeff College making use of school transport to and from school. Mom and their firstborn, Lynton just arrived home, 10-minutes before they received a call from the accident scene. Reuben was still on his way home from work.

Imagine receiving what I thought was a pocket dial-call and smile because I know Reuben is going to be so embarrassed and apologetic.

Then, receiving another call 10 minutes later and I immediately knew something is wrong. I had no idea just how wrong and absolutely horrific.

All Reuben could get out is that his kids were in an accident, 1 is getting stabilised and will be transferred by ambulance and 2 are going on separate trips via helicopter and he doesn’t know where they are going to take his kids.  He was in shock and in no emotional position to explain other than to ask for help to find out where his kids are taken to. 

I got hold of our Clinic Sister, who is a trained trauma councillor to get hold of Reuben and with her medical ‘connections’ so to speak or rather, access to numbers and hospitals etc to please assist and let us find out where their kids are taken too – especially the ones that were airlifted.

By Tuesday, 9 November the children were still in the hospital. The problem was getting to the children during the day being in 3 different hospitals. They applied for rehab for the boys and eventually for Lynette as well, which will assist immensely in terms of travel time and logistics.  This will also assist Reuben to get into a more controlled schedule e.g. work half day, leave half day etc.

My E-mail Objective – I have no cooking clue but was more thinking towards the upcoming holidays, finishing the current school year, getting around the house, and something stupid but important, to buy mom and dad Xmas presents ...

I am leaving you with this thought, I don’t know what the Angels can or cannot do in a situation like this – I’m not sure if it is selfish to ask only for Reuben and his family but anything will be immensely appreciated.  I will do anything to be able to help with something for the better of the families and the children involved.

Thank you for your time and for listening and reading this very long e-mail and if there are more heartache and problems out there that should receive first and foremost attention, then I totally understand. 

Take care and keep on doing what you do best - helping others in need and spreading love and hope.

 Yours sincerely

Karen van Heerden

The Good Morning Angels Festive Edition is proudly sponsored by Roman's Pizza

Good Morning Angels Festive Edition
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