Good Morning Angels: Final day of the final matric exams for the Class of 2020

Good Morning Angels: Final day of the final matric exams for the Class of 2020

Many unusual challenges were faced by the Class of 2020 matriculants.  

Class of 2020 Good Morning Angels
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A possible re-write of the Maths paper two today and Physical Science 2 paper on Wednesday, which was only overturned by the court last Friday, were just some of the many unusual challenges faced by the Class of 2020 matriculants. In October, Good Morning Angels partnered with the Growthpoint Healthcare Fund, Kagiso Capital, and Ultra-Link to supply monthly grocery hampers to matriculants whose families were particularly hard hit by the fall-out from the COVID-19 economic hardship. 

Nineteen schools in Tshwane nominated matriculants for GMA Class of 2020 Matric Support and a total of 375 matriculants each received access to additional tutoring and monthly hampers to assist with food, masks, and sanitiser as they prepared for and wrote their final exams.   

One of the schools whose matriculants benefitted from this project was Thuto Bohlale Secondary in Nellmapius, where Hope Sefoto wrote her matric final exams. This morning, we checked in with Hope, who wants to become a businesswoman.

Each recipient of the Class of 2020 Matric Support received: 

* Monthly grocery hamper to take home for October, November, and December: Sponsored by Growthpoint Healthcare Fund and Kagiso Capital - delivered by OneCart

* Enough masks to wear at school and home for three months: Sponsored by Ultra-Link

* Additional masks and thermometers for each of the 19 Tshwane schools represented: Sponsored by Ultra-Link

* Access to 33 online tutoring workshops in different subjects presented by Goodie Tutors: Sponsored by Growthpoint Properties and Kagiso Capital

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