Good Morning Angels: Help for brain procedure for Righardt Roets

Good Morning Angels: Help for brain procedure for Righardt Roets

Righardt Roets, 23, refuses to give up after his botched brain procedure.

Richard Roets
Source: Instagram

BACKGROUND: R200 000 is needed for a lifesaving operation. Righardt Roets (Niemand), 23, is refusing to accept that his life and future could be compromised by a botched brain procedure. He has too much life to live!

Righardt admits he’s an adrenalin junky - he is, amongst other things, a certified personal trainer and all about fitness and health. He designs websites and does pet-sitting for people who are away from home. He is resourceful and keen to build an independent life.

A day of boating, tube riding, and cliff jumping at the dam with his girlfriend’s family in September last year, however, threw him a curve-ball. After the day of fun, Righardt felt ill, nauseous with severe headaches. He was diagnosed with whip-lash, but an MRI in early December revealed bleeding on the brain. Without a medical aid, Righardt was assisted at a State Hospital, where the blood was drained … or, that was the plan.

A follow-up MRI at a private hospital revealed that part of Righardt’s left frontal lobe of his brain was removed and that the blood was still there, putting pressure on his skull. Righardt needs to have this removed within the next month and the Neurosurgeon believes he has a very good chance of recovery. Now, all he needs is to raise the R200,000 - which he’s been trying to do through web-design, pet-sitting, fitness plans, and telling his story to Jacaranda FM listeners.

REQUEST FOR: Righardt Roets (Niemand) 

REQUEST FROM: Various listeners like Louise Matthyser  

ANGEL 1: Anonymous listener 

SPONSORING: This listener contacted Good Morning Angels after hearing Righardt on Breakfast with Martin Bester on Monday morning. The listener has already donated R50 000 towards Righardt’s operation!

ANGEL 2: Cape Town artist, Driekie van Wyk 

SPONSORING: Driekie herself needed a brain procedure recently and was able to get the best possible care. Driekie heard Righardt’s story on Breakfast with Martin Bester and reached out to assist as she understands the stress and anguish he is going through. She will today host an Instagram auction of one of her paintings, “Nothing has to change today", with all proceeds going towards Righardt’s operation. The auction starts today at 9:00 and closes at 17:00 on @driekieartist.

ANGEL 3: The Good Morning Angels Fund NPC

SPONSORING: The GMA Fund will donate R50,000 towards Righardt’s life saving operation.


Good morning Team, I know there are so many requests that are submitted, but I really feel that if you could just read this young man’s story of what happened in December 2020, even if you cannot assist with the GMA program, just forwarding on to someone who can assist in some way.

I’m not related to this young man and don’t even know him, it just came across my feed and felt I needed to share it with you. Maybe someone else has submitted this story already but I feel in the deepest part of my heart that he needs help. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. 

Louise Matthyser

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