Good Morning Angels: Help for Centurion grandmother who lost husband, daughter and granddaughter in fire

Good Morning Angels: Help for Centurion grandmother who lost husband, daughter and granddaughter in fire

Christelle Nagel is alone and destitute after a townhouse fire kills her granddaughter, daughter and husband. 

Martin Bester and Christelle
Martin Bester and Christelle/Supplied


This past Saturday, Christelle Nagel and her 4-year old grandson had to say goodbye to her husband, Theo, 22-year old daughter Nicole Pretorius and 2-year old granddaughter, Leoné. The lives of three of her nearest and dearest family members were claimed by a fire that broke out in Nicole’s bedroom in their rented townhouse in the early hours of the 25th of February. Nicole woke up in a thick haze of smoke and managed to break the bedroom window to help her son to freedom from the flames. As she tried to find her 2-year old daughter, Leoné, her dad, Theo came rushing in the bedroom door. All three were overcome by the smoke and flames and Christelle could do nothing but run to safety outside and find her grandson ….

The harsh reality for Christi now, besides the devastating loss, is that she has to rebuild her life, find a home and a job and say goodbye to her grandson, who will now be living with his dad.

Christelle has been a homemaker and nanny for her grandchildren, but now she has to seek employment and stand on her own feet - alone. The Good Morning Angels will do our best to help her pick up the pieces.

REQUEST FOR: Christelle


REQUEST FROM: Various listeners like Alta de Jager 

ANGEL 1: The Good Morning Angels Fund

SPONSORING: The GMA Fund will assist Christelle with a deposit and rent for her new flat, as well as utility bills and expenses to the value of R50 000,00

ANGEL 2: Christo Bezuidenhout from the Round Table 

SPONSORING: The Round Table will assist Christelle with groceries and help her to make up her grandson’s room for him to the value of 


Hi Good Morning Angels.

I have an urgent request for the Nagel Family from Pierre van Ryneveld in Pretoria. A terrible fire broke out in their rental home on the 25th  February in the early morning hours, where the two-year-old granddaughter Leoni was declared deceased at the scene. The daughter, Nicole and the father, Theo were rushed to the hospital with very bad burn wounds. Later on Monday afternoon, 22-year old Nicole had passed away from her injuries. Theo was admitted to the Thembisa Hospital in critical condition and also lost his life on Monday 3 March. Theo was the only breadwinner for the family. The situation now is the only survivors, grandmother, Cristi Nagel, and her 4-year-old grandson have no income and need a new home. So, my plea to you is, if there is anyone out there willing to assist this family in their time of need, to please find them. It will be really appreciated.  

Your assistance in this will be a Godsend.

Alta de Jager

Friend of family

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