Good Morning Angels: Helping a caring, cancer survivor look after herself

Good Morning Angels: Helping a caring, cancer survivor look after herself

 She was diagnosed with cancer of the womb last year - a great shock to her and all who know her. 

Good Morning Angels: Helping a caring, cancer survivor
Good Morning Angels: Helping a caring, cancer survivor/Breakfast with Martin Bester

BACKGROUND: Selina Mkhonza has a heart of gold and a passion for the babies she helps to take care of at a pre-school in Pretoria. The children in her care are between 3 months and 2 years old - a difficult age that requires constant attention. The children are as much a part of Selina’s life as she is of theirs. Little did she know just how much the parents and her employer love her. She was diagnosed with cancer of the womb last year - a great shock to her and all who know her. She’s been through treatment, an operation and gruelling chemo therapy, while still giving care and love to the babies. Despite being in pain and feeling drained, she never gave up on her passion for the children or the will to fight another day. One of the parents however wrote to Good Morning Angels asking for assistance for Selina, to afford her some much needed time to heal and rest and come back to school as strong as always.

REQUEST FROM: Stephanie Conradie

REQUEST FOR:  Selina Mkhonza

ANGEL: Mashudu Ndopu, sales and marketing director at Ask Afrika

SPONSORING: Ask Afrika will assist Selina on her journey to fight cancer and keep her family financially afloat with a donation of R50 000! This will cover her income to enable her to take some time off work at the pre-school and also assist with medical and other expenses.


Based in the Jacaranda capital - Ask Afrika is in a proudly South African (Level 3 B-BBEE) company that develops home-grown market research solutions to business through customised research insights. With over two decades of brand and customer service benchmarking as well as social profiling. They are a globally recognised company with a passion for making consumer voices heard. Giving Back matters to them as they continuously invest in education and the arts - which they firmly believe will contribute toward a bright future for our country and continent.


Good day Jacaranda and Good Morning Angels,

I am writing on behalf of the Baby class at the Crèche that my baby is cared for every day. 

Selina Mkhonza is a wonderful lady who helps with the babies and she loves our children dearly, and our children adore her. However, Selina is currently also going through cancer treatments. Earlier this year she underwent an operation to remove the cancer, now the exhausting process of further treatments lay ahead. I can only imagine how difficult it is to undergo treatment and then also looking after babies aged between 3 months and 2 years old.

Unfortunately there is only so many leave days and sick leave days and the crèche cannot appoint someone while still paying Selina's salary. What we are asking is to please consider helping Selina so that she can take time off and rest while she recovers from treatments, the crèche can then appoint someone part time until Selina is well and strong again.

Selina receives a salary of R5 600 per month. Our request is that you perhaps provide a few months' worth of salary to Selina so that she can rest and not have to worry about work and salary. We all love her dearly and she deserves not to worry throughout this journey.

Thank you for making such a difference in our country.

Kind regards,


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