Good Morning Angels: Helping Monde to reclaim his independence

Good Morning Angels: Helping Monde to reclaim his independence

Independence is what most people strive for in life - and for 40-year old Monde Mashexa from Cosmo City on the West Rand, it is everything. 

GMA: Martin Bester and Monde
Source: Jacaranda FM/Breakfast with Martin Bester

BACKGROUND: Monde has been paralysed from the waist down for the past 23 years. He was shot in the spine at the age of 17, as he returned home from a rugby tour. With his mother, Maureen, by his side, it was a long road to recovery for Monde. At the time, he did not complete matric. However, Monde was not going to let that bullet determine his future. He worked hard and got qualifications in IT and accounting. Some time ago, Monde bought a car and had it adapted for him to drive with his hands only. He looked after his car like a baby - as this afforded him the freedom and independence to live his life. He had a good job and was able to buy his own house in Cosmo City.  

In 2019, Monde was retrenched and shortly after, a driver smashed into his car from the side. The car was fixed, but they never noticed the damage to the gear-box. Monde has not been able to drive the car since, as he does not have the R12,000 to fix it. His mom has been helping out with the bond for his home, but his biggest need is for his car to be fixed, so he can look for a job and reclaim his independence. That’s why Ina Pieters, a colleague of his mom, wrote to Good Morning Angels.

REQUEST FOR:  Monde Brian Mashexa 


ANGEL: Maria Pavli from LottoStar

SPONSORING: LottoStar will assist Monde to repair his car, pay his bond, and with other expenses while he looks for a new job - to the value of R44,000!


Good afternoon

 A couple of years ago, the manufacturer adapted a vehicle for a young man, Monde Brian Mashexa, who is a paraplegic.  He was looking after this car like it was his baby as it was his lifeline to work and independence.  

A year ago, someone jumped a stop-street and hit his car on the right front door. The car went to a panelbeater and was fixed.  However, due to it being a sort of backyard job (done by the person who skipped the stop street) they never checked and in the accident the gearbox cracked and transmission fluid is leaking out.  Monde has been retrenched from his DSTV job as well in 2019 when they did the big downscale.

This young man was shot by accident whilst coming from a rugby tour when he was 17.  However, despite all the odds against him, he has persevered, studied, and bought himself a house in Cosmo City where he lives on his own. He cannot afford to fix his car, which is leaving him in a severe predicament, where he cannot look for a job, as he cannot use public transport due to his disability.

Would it please be at all in your power to either help him with the R12 000 he was quoted to fix his car or to fix it for him.  He is such an outstanding example for people and it is so sad that this has happened.

Thank you so much for your time.

Ina Pieters

Co Ordinated Business Services

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