Good Morning Angels: Helping Teagan’s family assist him in cancer fight

Good Morning Angels: Helping Teagan’s family assist him in cancer fight

Three-year-old Teagan van Wyk is fighting cancer for the second time.

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BACKGROUND:  Teagan has had chemo and other treatment at the Steve Biko Academic Hospital for neuroblastoma cancer before - and he was cancer free. In July, his parents moved the family from Pretoria-North to Ermelo for a better job opportunity. The family were ready for a fresh start. However, Teagan started developing tremors, or shakes, similar to Parkinson’s disease and further tests confirmed that the growth was back. The process started all over again, but this time Maggie had to bring Teagan all the way from Ermelo to Pretoria for his treatment. The family is taking stain emotionally and financially, with mom and Teagan away from home for long stretches at a time. That’s why friends and family have asked Good Morning Angels to help.

REQUEST FOR: Three-year-old Teagan Van Wyk and his family from Pretoria North 

REQUEST FROM: Patricia Gouws 

SPONSORING: Roman’s Pizza will assist the Van Wyk family with R35,000 to cover the costs of Teagan’s medical treatment and expenses


Can you please help this little boy Teagan that has cancer. They just got the news a week ago his neuroblastoma cancer is back. This 3 year old has been through so much already not even talking about his family too. All that we ask for is to please help his mother fix her car so that she can take him to Steve Biko every other day. They could not fix the vehicle or even put the car on her name the last year where the license is outstanding sins 2019. At this stage the most important thing is the vehicle and petrol to get to the hospital and back so they can't waste any money on anything else. His teen sister is one of the siblings taking this very hard and is on antidepressants now which is understandable for this situation that is taking a strain on everyone.

Teagan's mother never likes asking for help and is a very good person  I just want to help in some way and ask so very nicely if someone can just assist even if it's just for fixing the vehicle that will help so much already.

Record has done a few interviews with them if you want to follow up and I know there have been many people also writing to Good morning angels about Teagan.

Thank you so very much,

Patricia Gouws

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