Good Morning Angels: Helping 'Woman Against Rape' keep the lights on

Good Morning Angels: Helping 'Woman Against Rape' keep the lights on

Good Morning Angels is delighted to be able to help a good cause keep the lights on - listen to the amazing moment below.

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Janine Rowley is a woman like no other. She’s a rape survivor who has spent the past 20 years serving others through her organisation, Woman Against Rape - or WAR for short. She’s never married, never had children of her own, never owned a car or a home. All her time, effort, means, and energy goes towards feeding children across Pretoria, making care packages for rape survivors - young and old, male and female, giving support and hope to those who need it most from Sunnyside to Soshanguve, from East Lynne to Olievenhoutbosch, Hammanskraal to Hermanstad.

Some years ago, a friend spoiled Janine with a ticket to an Oprah event in SA. Janine took along her ‘WAR” file - determined to meet Oprah (also a rape survivor). Janine met Oprah, shared her story, and a few years later, Oprah gave her the money to buy the premises from where she operates today.

Good Morning Angels received a request on Janine’s behalf, for a generator for the premises, to enable her to continue her work uninterrupted, day and night …

REQUEST FOR: Janine Rowley and Woman Against Rape 

REQUEST FROM: Linette Lintvelt 

ANGEL: Katherine Madley, Marketing & Customer Director for Game and DionWired 

SPONSORING: Game will donate their biggest generator, powerful enough to keep WAR's stove and fridge going, valued at  R10,000. Game will also supply Woman Against Rape with groceries to assist with feeding the needy worth R20,000 - that’s a total of R30,000!

ANGEL 2: The Good Morning Angels Fund

SPONSORING: The GMA Fund will help Janine with diesel/fuel to keep the generator going for the next six months (totalling R10,000).


Dear Martin & Angels,

Thank you for the opportunity to submit our request for a generator as per your broadcast this morning.

We trust that our request will meet with your favourable response.

Our Motivation:

While preparing meals on the WAR premises to distribute to the communities we serve, load shedding is hampering our continuity. It’s imperative to continue the feeding projects as the recipients, mostly children, have no other means to obtain a nutritious meal. This being sometimes the only balanced meal in the week they receive.

Our History:

Woman Against Rape (WAR), is a level-1 B-BBEE Section 21 company, founded 20 years ago by Janine Rowley, a business executive and model, who once walked the international ramps for top designer fashion brands. She now walks alongside rape victims, abused and molested children, the elderly and the very poor in less privileged South African communities. She comforts, care and uplift people with feeding schemes, distribution of comfort packs for rape survivors at trauma centres, places of safety and hospitals.

Janine was honoured with the prestigious Paul Harris Award from Rotary for her outstanding contributions to more than 18 charity organizations she serves and supports. This is the highest form of recognition given by the club.

There are 20 million children in our country of which 13 million don’t have enough food to eat. It is a heart wrenching reality. It is the reality WAR tackles in our daily quest for change.

Children in South Africa are not only hungry but also victims of violence and exploitation. Parliament presented statistics in 2018 indicating that an alarming 41% of all reported rape cases since May 2015 until May 2018, involved children.  For the past two decades WAR comforted, fed, clothed, counselled, and uplifted children, women and men in South Africa that suffer abuse, rape, molestation, poverty and hunger. The generous donations by individuals, companies and organizations, enable WAR to conquer brokenness and transformed fear into active futures. Childhood has become a scary place. Adults seem more like the enemy when they turn into abusers instead of parents, providing refuge against violence.

WAR’s footprint stretches from Sunnyside to Soshanguve, from East Lynne to Olievenhoutbosch, Hammanskraal to Hermanstad and is expanding daily. WAR’s social media pages tell the story of human connectivity which manifests in giving and receiving. WAR is a vehicle of change, making a visible difference in the South Africa’s less privileged communities.

Best Regards & Blessings.


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