Good Morning Angels: Marc Lottering teams up with GMA and Lotto Star to help the community of Mitchells Plain

Good Morning Angels: Marc Lottering teams up with GMA and Lotto Star to help the community of Mitchells Plain

One woman in Mitchells Plain is taking on the President to help those who feed the hungry.

GMA Marc Lottering

BACKGROUND: Joanie Fredricks from Tafelsig in Mitchells Plain is a woman on a mission. She has been working in her impoverished community, feeding the hungry, for many years. The devastation brought upon the already needy and marginalised communities in the country by the national lockdown is well known and felt, but the need is only getting bigger. 

Joanie has issued many letters and messages to the President, asking him to fulfil the Covid-assistance promises to the poor. Joanie simply wants to know: ‘What about the people?” Well-loved comedian and entertainer, Marc Lottering, came across Joanie’s Facebook posts, messages, and pleas for assistance and pitched in to help spread the word.

He also wrote a song, performed by Craig Lucas, and made a video, highlighting the plight of the poor. He asked Good Morning Angels to assist Joanie to help soup kitchens across the country feed the hungry and to get her message to the leadership of the country. 

REQUEST FOR: Joanie Fredricks and her “What about the people?” initiative  

REQUEST FROM: Marc Lottering, well known SA comedian, entertainer, and human  

ANGEL: LottoStar … with love 

SPONSORING: LottoStar is joining forces with Good Morning Angels with a special "With Love” fund to give added assistance to as many people as possible during this challenging 2020 pandemic. From this fund, LottoStar will assist Joanie in her labour of love for struggling communities, with a donation of R50,000 to provide a meal for as many needy people as possible.   

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Hi Good Morning Angels

For a short while now, I have been working closely with Joanie Fredericks who runs the feeding projects in Tafelsig, Mitchells Plain.  Soup kitchens around the country are about to run dry.  Government needs to fulfil its promise urgently.  I wrote a song “What about the people?” and we shot this 4 min film as a plea to government.  Craig Lucas performs the song.  It’s being launched today.  Radio stations have started playing the song today. We need as many people as possible to help Joanie and soup kitchens around the country to feed our hungry and needy communities. 


Marc Lottering 

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