Good Morning Angels: Mother delivered her own baby and three days later lost her eldest son

Good Morning Angels: Mother delivered her own baby and three days later lost her eldest son

While mom and baby were doing well in one hospital, their son, six-year-old Dylan, was in another hospital with suspected meningitis.

GMA 2 oct 2020
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BACKGROUND: Last week had an eventful start for the Piek-family from Daspoort in Pretoria-West, when their third son, baby Aiden, suddenly made his way into the world on Monday, 21 September. Mom, Jamie-Lee had no contractions, but suddenly knew that it was time. Husband Quinton and mother-in-law Elmarie helped Jamie-Lee to the car for an emergency trip to the maternity ward of the Pretoria-West Hospital. Three minutes later, baby Aiden was born - in the Daspoort Tunnel! Jamie-Lee delivered him in the car’s seat herself. While mom and baby were doing well in one hospital, the Piek’s eldest son, six-year-old Dylan was in another hospital with suspected meningitis.

He was admitted on 16 September with a fever. This was very difficult for the family, as they could not visit Dylan due to Jamie-Lee’s pregnancy and COVID-19 precautions. They could hardly share the joy of baby Aiden’s birth with Dylan.   

Dylan passed away on Thursday, 24 September - just three days after his baby brother’s eventful birth. The family is shattered. Jamie-Lee describes Dylan as “a prim and proper child, in your place in the most beautiful way and so intelligent … “  

Jamie-Lee and Quinton will be saying goodbye to their beautiful Dylan at his funeral today, with brother Jayden (2) and baby Aiden, as well as granny Elmarie by their sides.

Several of their friends wrote to Good Morning Angels to help take the financial burden off this devastated family’s shoulders, to help them give Dylan a proper funeral and to assist with some of his outstanding medical bills.

REQUEST FOR: The Piek-family from Daspoort in Pretoria 

REQUEST FROM: Elaine Bezuidenhout  

ANGEL: LottoStar … with love 

SPONSORING: LottoStar is joining forces with Good Morning Angels with a special "With Love” fund to give added assistance to as many people as possible during this challenging 2020 pandemic. From this fund, LottoStar will help the Piek-family with R40,000 to cover the costs of Dylan’s funeral and to assist with outstanding medical bills for his treatment.  


Good day good morning Angels 

So in the past 2 weeks dear friends of mine, Jamie Lee and her husband Quinton Piek, have been going through a hard time. Jamie was on the last days of her 3rd pregnancy when her eldest son Dylan got sick. He was admitted to hospital with meningitis. Since then Jamie and Quintin along with their other children was not allowed to stay with him in hospital because of the infectiousness of the disease. On Monday 21 September at 10.45 Jamie went into labour and was rushed to hospital. On the way to the hospital she had her new born in their car. Both mom and baby are healthy and was sent home. But on Thursday 24 September they got the devastating news of the passing of their eldest son. Dylan was only 6 years old and possibly died because of the meningitis. This shook their whole lives apart losing a child days after gaining one. Unfortunately, they don’t have a funeral cover and funds are basically none for such an unexpected devastating event. On behalf of my dear friends, I created this group to raise funds for Dylan’s funeral. If there is anyone that can maybe assist or donate something to them to assist in this difficult time it will be much appreciated. 

Donations can be made to his father’s account: 

Name: Quintin Piek

Bank: First National Bank

Type of account: Cheque

Account number: 62829960378 

Any other assistance, help or questions can be answered by one of them. 

Thank you in advance for all the caring, love and support we really appreciate it.

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