Good Morning Angels: Roman’s Pizza donates R30 000 to assist Nombuso

Good Morning Angels: Roman’s Pizza donates R30 000 to assist Nombuso

Nombuso’s health deteriorated to the extent where she needs to be on oxygen permanently. 

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BACKGROUND:  49-year-old Nombuso Mbatha and her son, Rui came to Gauteng from KwaZulu-Natal in 2002 for better job and life opportunities. They live in Alexandra, where Nombuso’s sister, Gugu also lives. She has an oxygen machine at home, which works on electricity and is rather big, means that she cannot leave the house.

Her son, Rui lost his job during lockdown and they live on her disability state grant. A few weeks ago, Nombuso had to travel to Gugu’s house in the early hours of the morning, when they had a power failure. When her oxygen needs filling, it’s a stressful situation as Rui has to travel by public transport to replace the oxygen tank, which could take very long sometimes. Gugu is very concerned that Nombuso will run out of oxygen and also that she is not able to leave her home - especially when she needs to go for her check-ups and medical treatment. She cannot travel by taxi as her oxygen machine is too big. They’ve been looking for a mobile oxygen device, which is very expensive. They can get a second hand one for cheaper, but the R10 000 price tag is still way out of their financial reach. That’s why Gugu wrote to Good Morning Angels for assistance.

REQUEST FOR: Nombuso Mbatha 


ANGEL: Bonnie Cooper, MD of our Festive sponsors, Roman’s Pizza 

SPONSORING: Roman’s Pizza will assist Nombuso with a donation of R30 000 to sort out her mobile oxygen machine and other expenses, to enable her and her family to have a Merry Christmas. 


Good day

I hope this email finds you well.

My name is Gugu Mzolo, I reside in Alexandra. I have a home girl, my sister  - we're both from KZN but now we stay here in Alex and her name Nombuso Mbatha.

This woman is unemployed living with her son who is not working either. It is been 2 years now that she suffered from liver, lung and heart complications and now she is permanently using cylinder oxygen. I tried to help her to find the portable oxygen, but those tanks are so expensive. My biggest worry is that last week they didn’t have electricity at her house for the day and she has to hire a taxi to come to my house because the cylinder was finished and the one she used for electricity was not working due to not having electricity. She came around 01:00 early hours. I was so worried and that made me to start asking for help.

I so wish she can get something small that she can use to run around. When she goes for check-ups - she has to hire a special car to take her as she cannot take the big cylinder in the taxi.

She doesn’t know about this, but I thought I can give you her details if you want to confirm what I am talking about.

Your help will be highly appreciated.


Gugu Mzolo

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